Verification of the conformity of the planned investment with the local spatial development plan


Judgment of the WSA in Łódź of 26.4.2017 (file no. II SA/Łd 531/16)

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Equal proportions of descriptions of the implementation variants


Judgment of the Voivodship Administative Court (WSA)  in Łódź, of 26.1.2017 (file no. II SA/Łd 439/16).

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Who are we?


Bartosz Draniewicz, Ph.D.
Commercial and Environmental Law Firm

Article 86 of the Constitution:: Everyone shall care for the quality of the environment and shall be held responsible for causing its degradation.

The specific experience of the Law Firm includes the following ranges:

- Broadly defined Environmental Law,
- Environmental Law Act,
- Penalties in environmental protection,
- Law on bills of exchange,
- Commercial law,
- Commercial and fiscal liability of members of management board

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